Familiarity photo art book

Jil Sander

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Familiarity is a collaboration between Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier and a trusted group of photographers: Anders Edström, Olivier Kervern, Chris Rhodes and Mario Sorrenti. The images - captured in the photographers’ homes and gardens - offer a glimpse into their private lives, creating an atmosphere of confidentiality with a dialogue between the respective works at the heart of the project. The book fully expresses authenticity and creativity and is the second in the ongoing Jil Sander venture set up by Lucie and Luke Meier in 2020
  • bright white/beige
  • paper
  • hardback
  • non-fiction
  • 108 pages
  • 245 x 320 x 20 mm
  • released by Jil Sander Publishing in July 2021


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